10 Best office chairs in India 2023

The below in-depth review will help you to select an affordable but sturdy office or Home PC chair. You will have a list of 10 best PC office ergonomic chairs to select from according to your needs. Are you suffering from back pain and want a good home/office chairs that can support your lower back then this in-depth guide about top office chairs will help you.

You can get these chairs deliver to big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata and also every other part of India. We have given the full in-depth reviews about the office chairs in the below list.

Below presented office executive chairs are ergonomic, durable, comfortable and are very sturdy. if you are a student, business executive or a long hours computer user and are in dire need of a perfect ergonomic chair that comes with a comfortable lumbar support at affordable prices then please follow the below guide and select the best quality office chair in India for your office or home work. We will also tell you what are the best brands of office chairs in india in the below in-depth review?

Are you a business executive or a business owner who is looking for a office chair and desks for the newly opened office? Or Just a person who wants to buy a comfortable office chair? If that’s the case, then you are at the right place. We have created a list of five top-rated office chairs with tru value. 

As chairs are an essential part of any office or home environment for the work-force, we have decided that the chairs which we are going to recommend to our customer base

  1.  Firstly must be ergonomic in design, 
  2. Secondly  they should provide good comfort for both neck and back 
  3. And Thirdly, office chairs must be good value for money that you are spending.

As office workers that work behind the desk on a computer, spend most of the time sitting on a chair. So it is very important to provide your workers with a good office chair that is not only ergonomic in design but also comes with good seat padding and cushioning.

Best office chairs in India

In India, there are many good brands that make good chairs with affordable pricing. From expensive premium office chairs to more affordable budget friendly cheap office chairs. According to your needs you can choose the best suited option for your office. 

If you are on a tight budget and want to keep your spending as low as possible, then you should go through our detailed review about top rated office chairs in India below which gives the detailed information about each chair.  You must also note that our review about office chairs is unbiased and before recommending any of the products we make sure that it is of great quality.

We have searched through the internet and selected the best office chair with good value for your money. Below are some of the top rated and best selling office chairs that you can buy in India. All of these office chairs are ergonomic and come with good head and back lumbar support for comfortable sitting.

1 MISURAA: Best Premium office Chair

Premium Chair
  • Premium product for comfortable usage.
  • Excellent ergonomics and comfort
  • High quality Mesh
  • 3 back modes
  • Build quality can be improved
  • A bit expensive

MISURAA is a modern and ergonomic office chair with an advanced synchro tilting mechanism that provides an ultra-smooth movement for complete comfort! It has a mesh seat for breathability, easy maintenance and softness, making it ideal for long hours of working. The chair’s back is also covered in mesh to allow better air circulation.

The adjustable lumbar support cushions your lower back and helps maintain natural spinal alignment while you sit comfortably in this high-quality contoured chair. Its 360° swivel feature enables the chair to turn even on carpeted floor surfaces smoothly to avoid any possible damages. Complete your office setup by adding this fashionable and comfortable MISURAA chair to your furniture collection today!

Why to Buy Misuraa Office Chair?

The MISURAA office chair is a masterpiece in ergonomic comfort and design. With seven adjustment features you can be assured of finding the most comfortable position for your workstation. The mesh back and padded, contoured seat provide all-day comfort. Customize the chair to fit your preferences and personalize your workspace.

This premium executive office chair comes with PU leather lining , padded headrest and good armrests. The size and looks are ideal for home or office use and you will feel very comfortable while sitting on this chair. It also has good support for neck, back and shoulder. The design and look of this office chair is upmarket and it looks like a modern chair with a very sleek design.

The elegant design shape and the aluminium frame makes this chair a sturdy office chair. The sitting Upholstery  is PU leather which is very smooth and long lasting. The all black design and soft padding are some of the good features that it comes with.

Best Gaming chair under 20000

Moreover, the heavy duty locking mechanism is of great quality and works smoothly. You can lock this ergonomic chair in any position using the locking mechanism. Some of other features include: 60 mm Nylon wheels and seat height adjustment. The weight capacity of this office chair is 120 kgs. this is one of the finest office or business executive chair that you can buy in India.

2  Casa Copenhagen Mesh chair: Best under 10000

Best Lumbar Support
Casa Copenhagen
  • Very comfortable and great Lumbar support.
  • Excellent  Customer Service
  • Good build quality and stability
  • Value for Money
  • 3 Years Brand Warranty
  • Only available in black colour
  • Negative Item 2

With ergonomic backrest, thick cushioning, and adjustable armrest this office chair from Viad is a perfect fit for your Office, Home or Studying needs. At just under 9000 to 10000 rupees, this office chair provides better detail and thick cushion padding for comfortable sitting. It is vey well made andhas breathable Mesh back support.

The armrests are adjustable and chair swivelling or rolling is smooth. Definitely, one of the best priced office or home executive chair you can buy under 10000 in India.

You can easily adjust the lumbar support and seat height in this office chair. The back mesh and breathable mesh seats are very comfortable and you will not have any body heat issue in the summers or during long hours sitting.

This office chair also comes with tilt and recline function which allows you to tilt the backrest back or sit straight. The sweat free and comfortable seats make this office chair a great deal for business owners in India who are on a budget.

3 INNOWIN office Chairs: Cheapest & Affordable

This is one of the cheapest yet comfortable chairs for office workers and business executives. It is a very cheap and a very sturdy office chair from Apex chairs. The reliable design and good ergonomics make this chair a comfortable fit for home or office use.

It is built for comfort and has a high density sponge cushioning which helps employees to sit comfortably for long hours. It is wider than normal chairs and can be easily adjusted according to your height. 

Best gaming Chairs under 15000

The black contoured meshback and strong armrest are good enough for daily office use. The seats of this high quality mesh mid back chair is well padded with a 2-inch thick polymer and the 5-inch height adjustment is more than enough for most people. it is a simple, clean and well designed chair that also comes with 1-year warranty.

4  AmazonBasics mid back: Top selling

An office chair with impressive Ergonomic design and mesmerising all black-contour. This mid back chair is suitable for office or home. It is comfortable and a great value for your money. It does comes with armrests and adjustable-height padded seat.

The tilt adjustment function and adjustable seat angle are also very good. The 5-wheel durable and sturdy caster wheel are indeed very smooth.

Best Gaming Chairs under 10000

While moving and rotating the chair you wouldn’t be able to hear any squeeing sound from the wheels due to their good design. The faux leather on the chair seat and back is of good quality. one of the best thing about this great looking chair is it’s padded arm rest. the armrest of this mid back chair is nylon padded which further enhances the comfort of this small yet professional office chair.

This low cost budget office chair has excellent seating comfort with high-density sponge cushion, which reduces pressure. If your work needs you to be sitting in front of the computer for long time then this chair is a sensible choice for your workspace as it promotes comfortable seated position.

5 AmazonBasics Low Back office chair

This small low-back under rs 3000 to 5000 lightweight black frame chair features an Ergonomic design and comes fitted with adjustable backrest feature . It also comes with a seat-height adjustment which can also adjust the seat height .

This recommended affordable home or office chair under 5000 is a great value for money in India. The maximum weight capacity this chair can handle is about 115 kgs.

Some other features are: 360-degree swivel, smooth-rolling casters, comfortable black fabric, and butterfly seats for better back alignment.

6 Rose Designer Ergonomic chair: Best under 8000

This faux leather lightweight metal frame office chair features an Ergonomic design and comes fitted with One touch Tilt-&-Lock Mechanism with Pressure Hydraulic feature. The material quality of this chair is exceptional. The leather upholstery looks premium and steel base gives this home and office chair a premium look.

if you are a business owner or a senior executive then the steel base and overall design of this chair will definitely enhance the look of your office or home.

And in the comfort department, everything single detail makes this leather chair our favourite on this list. One thing that we don’t like is that the arm rests are not well padded and can be uncomfortable at times. Other than that a great furniture chair with the touch of steel base and faux leather on the top.

7 Green Soul office Chair: Best under 7000 rupees

Our next recommended chair is Nice chairs,  one of the best and premium quality chair brands. 

This Nice chair comes with a leatherette high back office chair with premium look and finish. The  Extra Padding on The Seat, Back and Armrests for comfort make this chair extremely comfortable. Due to the high back and cushioned back this office chair is very good for long sitting durations. The material used in this chair is very good material. 

Gas-lift and center tilt mechanisms are very well made and are very helpful for comfort. You can easily tilt and adjust the angles of the seat using the tilt features. The five 50mm wide dual colored castor wheels are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.  Each single wheel is capable of handling 40 kg load bearing capacity which makes the Wheelbase sturdy and smooth.

The all black colour and the silver coloured armrest gives this chair a dual tone look which can be easily matched with most of the office or home decors. The only drawback is that it does not come with neck or back pillows. This office chair has a 1-year warranty from the date of the purchase.

8 Green Soul: Gaming + office chair

Built on a metal frame with Leatherette finishing on the seat and back, this high back dual colour office chair from Green Soul ergonomic office gaming chair is both affordable and comfortable. For extra comfort, green Soul provides extra padding on the back rest, head rest, and armrests. So , if you are looking for a comfortable office chair under 7000 rupees in India then you must consider this chair.

Choosing an office chair

Sitting for a long period of time without a break can be extremely stressful for your back and spine. If you are going to spend hours working at the computer, you need an office chair that provides adequate support for the lumbar area. You don’t want a cheap chair that will cause you to get aches and back pains after long hours of sitting. There are many options available on the market, with different styles, colors and shapes. Shopping for an office chair in India can be quite overwhelming because there is just so much choice!

Office executive chairs are very important in your workplace, office and home office. When you are sitting on a wooden or plastic chair for long hours, your back will be aching and sore. On the other hand, using an ergonomic chair can help you endure a healthy working day. If you are a student who is heavy on books to read, having an ergonomic office chair will come as great relief.

An office chair should be comfortable and sturdy. It must be made of good leather and quality steel frame so that it can stand the test of the time. Choosing an comfortable office chair is not that difficult but there are certain things that you must look out for when buying a work chair or a business executive chair for your office or personal use. 

So let’s follow the important factors which make an office chair  a recommended one. 

You should look at the certain constraints like height of the chair, width of the chair, and how much weight it can hold? These are some of the features which we will look into detail in the below section.

Fabric Quality

The quality of the material used in the chair should be of good quality. The leather or any other fabric used must not retain heat and should have enough padding for the comfortable sitting even for long hours sitting.

There are a number of fabrics which are used by manufacturers like Mesh, cloth, leather and more. Out of these fabric types, leather is the most premium and durable option. It is also a softer option but it does show crack over a period of time.

So you can choose any fabric material for your work chair according to your preference but we highly recommend Mesh or Leather fabric office chairs.

Build Quality

The build quality is another main area which you have to be more careful with. Generally people don’t take it too seriously when shopping for an office chair or a home chair. Things like 

  1. the quality of the frame
  2. Durability of revolving tyres
  3. Quality of armrests
  4. How robust are Reclining and tilting features?
  5. And, Sturdiness of the overall chair.

All these features are very important and should look at all of these to be certain that the chair you are choosing is worth your money.

The steel frame and the quality of the armrests and the tilting mechanism is also important. Most of the budget chairs do come with a recliner and armrests. But the quality of the armrests, footrest heavily depends on the price tag of the chair.

If you are buying a cheap office chair which is under 5000 or 10000 then it is likely that the armrests wont move and are fixed. Also a cheap office chair does not always come with a footrest. So, the more the budget the better the features and functions. 

Lumbar Support and Specs

Nowadays, chairs come in ergonomic design and have a well designed back curve for better sitting angle and practically more comfortability. Depending on the price tag, the chair comes with adjustable lumbar support which is great for business executives or office workers who are suffering from back pain. So, a typical budget office chair is good for most of the people unless it is very badly designed. 

Apart from the lumbar support, other factors which are also important are – height adjustment, reclining angle of the chair, width of the chair, padding, cushioning, and after sales service. 

Height & Width:

These are the two main important aspects for any chair buyer. These are highly subjective features which vary according to the buyers body height and weight. But the general thing to look out regarding the height and weight in a chair is that: Is the height of the chair adjustable or not?

Most of the time you can adjust the height and that is a good option to have. And for the width part, you should look at the dimension of the chair and compare it to your shoulder width. If all the numbers are good then you are good to go. Also, for comfortable sitting you should also look for, how deep is the seat cushioning?

For example, if after sitting on the seat it is all around you and your body is totally immersed in the seat cushioning then the chair is a nice fit for you. Otherwise keep looking until you find the best fit for yourself. 

Armrests & Footrest:

for most of the office workers it is really important to rest their hands on armrests after continuous typing. Without an armrest it can be really frustrating for the office employees as they have no option to rest their arms. So, it is a must have option with an office chair.

Considerably, the most important thing to look at in an armrest is a soft padding which will definitely enhance the comfort level of the chair. Although most of the budget office chairs do come with an armrest but these are often made with hard material. For more comfort, it is true that you have to spend more rupees but it is definitely worth it. 

Footrests are not ideal for an office chair but if you’re an executive or own a small business then you wouldn’t mind getting more comfortable in the office.

Neck & Back Support:

The pillows, cushioning and padding must be of very high quality. If they can be adjusted according to your preference then it’s an added benefit. Most of the chair does come with proper back padding to keep your lower back as straight as possible thus lowering the issue of any back pain problems. As, the employees have to sit for over 8 hours in the office this must be the priority of any business owner or company to look after their workers health. 


So, office chairs with proper neck and back support are very important for a comfortable working environment.

Some other features like revolving tyres, overall build quality, tilt and reclining mechanisms should work properly. 

If you are spending most of your time in the office sitting in front of the computer desk then you must look for a comfortable and sturdy office chair. A good office chair will support your back, neck and arms – so that you don’t suffer from any back pain or soreness.

We have reviewed a number of office chairs and have created a list of 5 best office chairs in India that you can buy for your office or home.

Commonly we buy the chairs based on looks and price but there are so many other aspects you need to check before buying a chair. Generally some of the seats available in the market aren’t very comfortable for long hours of work and can even give you back pain and other body problems. But that’s not a problem anymore becuase we will explain you the features of all different kinds of chairs so that you can easily find the best office chairs in India for your home/office/work.

There are many best office chair brands in india that you can trust, like:

  1. Amazon Basics
  2. Innowin High back chair
  3. Mezonite
  4. Viad High back chairs
  5. Savya Chairs
  6. Apex chairs
  7. Da Urban
  8. CellBell

What is the best office chair to buy?

There are a number of office chair brands that provide good quality chairs. Brands like: Amazon Basics, Savya Chairs, Apex chairs, Da Urban, CellBell are some of the best selling and trusted chairs you can buy on amazon india and flipkart. 

What are the best office chair brands in India?

You  can find many brands on different marketplaces right now but the most trusted brands of office chairs that we recommend  are AmazonBasics, Savya Chairs, Apex chairs, Da Urban, CellBell. They make quality chairs which are good for both personal and office use. Good customer service is also the main key difference.

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

The beAAtho JS-1, Mezonite, and AmazonBasics are the three best office chairs that we recommend in india. They come with good quality material and are very comfortable. The extra padding on these office chairs is good enough for long hours sitting.

What is the price of a  good office chair?

A good quality office chair with quality built and comfortable sitting generally costs between 5000 rupees to Rs10000  and even 15000 rupees. So, the price tag really depends on the quality, fabric used and features the work chair is offering.  You can also get an office chair for as low as about 2000 to 3000 rupees but you will have to compromise with the comfort of the chair.

Which is the best brand for high back office chair in India?

Viad High Back, Mezonite high back chair, Innowin, and AmazonBasics are some of the top rated high back office chairs in india. The prices of these chairs are 7000, 9000, 10000, and 20000 rupees approximately.

What is a good computer chair for long sitting in India?

If you are on a budget of 5000 rupees then AmazonBasics is the best one. For customers with budget between 6000 to 10000 rupees, we would recommend Viad and Mezonite high back office chairs. And for premium CEO executive office chair, Innowin High Back Office Chair is the best one which comes with a aluminium frame.

Where can I buy an ergonomic office chair within 5000 or 10000 rupees

We have listed a number of top selling office chairs with good for money on our website. You can check the reviews about these chairs and can then buy from our affiliate parteners amazon india and flipkart.

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