Can you use Bluetooth headphones on a Plane?

When flying, it’s a bit of a bummer to be stuck listening to the in-flight movies and music on your seat’s built-in entertainment system. You don’t have a lot of choices for what you can listen to, and the channels are always preset. If you have Bluetooth headphones, you can use them on an airplane by connecting them to an in-flight entertainment system with a Bluetooth transmitter.

A Bluetooth transmitter is a compact device that connects to your in-flight entertainment system and provides a Bluetooth link between your headphone and the source. It’s connected to the audio out of your seat, so you’ll be able to listen through your headphones, just like if you were listening to music on another device outside of the plane.

  • Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard used for connecting compatible devices.
  • Cell phones, laptops and tablets make use of Bluetooth for a variety of tasks including sharing files, photos, music, sound and videos.
  • You can also use Bluetooth to make or receive hands-free calls from your smartphone through headsets equipped with microphones.
  • But can you use Bluetooth headphones on a plane?
  • The short answer is yes.
  • There are no rules in place that stop you from using your BTH earphones on an airplane.
  • Bluetooth 5 is the current standard and it has a maximum transmission power of 4dBm.
  • As a result, your Bluetooth headphones can only transmit and receive over short distances.
  • In other words, they don’t interfere with other electronic devices in flight.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones on a Plane?

The easiest way to use Bluetooth headphones on a plane is to connect them to an in-flight entertainment system using a Bluetooth transmitter. The transmitter has a 3.5mm audio jack so it can be plugged into the headphone jack of your seat or a port in the armrest. The transmitter can be connected to your headphones via Bluetooth, and therefore receives a wireless streaming signal from your phone.

To set up, turn on Bluetooth on the phone, then pair it with the transmitter by holding down the pairing button for three seconds until the light starts blinking. Then search for the device and pair with it. This will allow your headphones to transmit music wirelessly to the in-flight entertainment system.

If all we need is a transmitter that will plug into the headphone jack on the IFE system and connect to our Bluetooth headphones, there are a few options. One option is to use a transmitter like this Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter (available through Amazon). This little device uses Bluetooth technology to transmit audio signals from an IFE system to Bluetooth headphones.

The device is easy to set up: it comes with two cables, one mini USB connector for charging and one 3.5mm jack for inputting audio into the transmitter. Once charged, plug your transmitter into the headphone jack on your IFE system (on most systems this will be underneath the screen) and then plug your Bluetooth headphones into the other end of the transmitter.

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