5 Best Gaming Chairs under 10000

The purpose of this list is to identify the best gaming chairs primarily for console gaming. Each year, I look for the best new releases and try them out extensively so that I can bring you this list of best gaming chairs. Also included in this post are a number of pro tips which will help you purchase the perfect gaming chair under 10000 and avoid common pitfalls that result in buyers remorse or dissatisfaction.

If you are one of the many people who enjoy spending time playing video games in your free time, then you have probably thought about getting a gaming chair. A lot of people swear by their gaming chairs and claim there is nothing like it. One thing that is commonly overlooked when it comes to creating an ideal environment for gaming, is the chair. In reality, the wrong chair can make even the most exciting game a mundane experience. I want you to focus on enjoying your games and not having to worry about your back hurting, or moving too tensely because you are too uncomfortable.

Best Gaming Chairs under 10000 in India

Gaming chairs are getting more and more popular nowadays. It means more and more companies are getting into the manufacturing of these chairs. You might wonder, is it a good idea to order one of those chairs in the first place? Is it worth the money or are you just throwing your hard-earned cash away? I’ll explain why you should definitely buy one, along with a few tips on how to pick the right one.

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Have you ever dreamed of being a rock-solid star in your gaming activity? Is that why you started playing games – to be the number one hero, shooter or fighter! But then, are you ready for a long day of action and fighting? It’s fine if you are. But do you keep it as comfortable as possible in case you want to spend a long day at your desk while playing the game? Of course not!

It’s a plain fact that many people like to play video games. From the early classic era to the modern day gold rush, gaming can be your best source of entertainment. However, when you play for longer periods of time, your body will eventually feel the strain. You will get fatigued. If you want to enjoy playing video games from now until you retire, consider purchasing gaming chairs. They are ergonomic chairs designed with precision and comfort in mind.

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I have been experiencing pain on my back, shoulders and neck even when playing lightly. So, I began to look for gaming chairs that would reduce or relieve any back pain. I mean, who wants to feel the heat rolling down their spine right? The problem is, the market has almost fifty types of chairs which all have different features and aesthetics. Having no idea where to start I looked at some professional reviews of gaming chairs under 10000 INR and you know what?, they were all saying the same thing: X and Y brands are the best. That meant that this is a struggling market where everyone is fighting for their own success as there is no clear winner.

Top 5 Gaming Chairs under 10000 in India right now

Gaming is one of the most enjoyable pastimes in the world of today. From the introduction of gaming consoles and computers, it has become a major activity that a lot of people like to indulge in. It can be particularly satisfying if you are able to sink into a good couch when playing your favorite games, perhaps while enjoying something to drink, or going online with friends.

Even though some may argue that any old seat will do, there is a difference between your average chair and one made for gaming as it provides you with far more benefits than just having something to sit on. One of the most important features is of course comfort. But how do you know what chair is best for you? In order to make sure you get the best out there – considering both quality and price – here are 5 reviews of what I think are absolutely the best gaming chairs under 10000 Rs in India.

1 Green Soul Vienna High Back Gaming Chair

  •  high-quality comfortable seat with lumbar support 
  • perfect fit for an gaming room.
  • Weight Capacity:- Upto110 kgs | Height Suitability:- 5ft. 5″ – 6ft. 1″

When it comes to designing a chair perfect for gaming needs, you can’t go wrong with the Green Soul Vienna Gaming Chair. This comfortable gaming chair has been designed to provide you with the comfort you need in order to play your favourite games for hours on end.

This is a full ergonomic gaming chair that has an attractive design to it. It has an exceptionally large built-in lumbar support for your back and the boundless seat makes it ideal for both gaming and office use. With this giant space, you can be comfortable and sit for hours, even on daily basis.

Not many can say that they have tried all available chairs while they were looking for the right one or have used the same type of chair over several years. One of my favorite things about this chair is its thick polyurethane foam padding. There’s no chance of pinching here! It’s really comfortable because of that. The cushioning makes it a choice among those who want to sit in a plush padded seat without feeling as if they are sinking into their co-workers laps.

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This gaming chair under 10000 has a significant weight capacity of up to 110 kg. The chair comes equipped with premium PU leather and padded armrests, seat and back rest for maximum comfort and support. Its top-notch design comes with an air pump that easily adjusts the back & forth of the chair within seconds. The chair has additional cushion padding on the back, seat and armrests for maximum comfort while you sit!

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If you’re looking for a chair that features padded armrests, back and seat cushioning, then look no further than the Green Soul Vienna Series Gaming Chair. This chair is designed to fit gamers at any height comfortably. It has a 5-point nylon base with 100mm nylon casters that allow you to move the chair around effortlessly. You can also adjust the height of the backrest and the height of the seat to get a fully personalized gaming experience, whatever your preferences may be.

2 Green Soul Crystal V2 S-shaped Gaming Chair Under 10000

  • Weight Capacity:- Upto 110 kgs | Height Suitability:- 5ft.2″ – 6ft.1
  • S-shaped design backrest
  • breathable mesh material allows air 
  • T-shaped PU padded armrest is adjustable

Green Soul Crystal V2 is the ultimate crystal gaming chair that gives you an exhilarating experience of sitting and relaxing in the most comfortable manner. This chair is built with a durable sturdy steel frame to ensure years of usage. It offers a perfect balance of ergonomic comfort and support because it takes the pressure off your spine and makes you sit in the most relaxing manner for long hours. The unique 3D armrest offer extreme comfort for your shoulders and elbows thus allowing you to game for longer hours.

Green soul crystal v2 gaming chair is ergonomic gaming armchair designed with eco-friendly PU leather and mesh fabric, has good texture and wear resistance, and makes you feel snugly without being hot in summer. Featuring the ergonomic design, it is a gaming and office chair that can be used for long time sitting.

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The backrest of this chair is in S shape which can effectively fit the human spine. It could release the pressure on your spine and shoulders, help prevent back pain effectively, and make more comfortable for different users. The padding material used in this office armchair is 100% eco-friendly memory foam that can relieve fatigue from the whole body and make you feel better when working or studying.

The S-shaped design backs are contoured to match the God-given shape of your back, and offers a whopping 5 points of support so you never get a sore back again — even after 8 hours. Also, the Green Soul team doesn’t make you choose between looks and comfort either — the Crystal V2 is every bit as good looking as it is functional.

With the adjustable lumbar, supported seat and headrest, you can adjust your preferred sitting position by operating the knob of lumbar support. The super soft memory foam provides ultimate comfort so you can enjoy your work and long hours of gaming without feeling any stress or pain. Its controls enables you to get the desired sitting position within seconds. This chair is designed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, especially on long hours of seating and even multiple tasks such as working, gymming and gaming. Go ahead, get your gamers or self an office chair designed for them today!

3 INNOWIN Jazz Eco gaming Chair

  • Ergonomic 2D Lumbar Support
  • Ideal for people having height from 5ft – 5ft 8 inches
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 120 kgs

The INNOWIN Jazz Eco Gaming Chair offers comfort, quality and durability at an affordable price. A space-saving design with comfortable 2D lumbar support and fully adjustable seat, this chair lets you focus on the game and not your back pain. The ergonomic design means that users of 5’ to 5’8” can enjoy the same comfort and a sturdy backrest and build quality ensures that it will last you for long. This is a chair that will make sure you don’t have any regrets after purchase.

The chair has ever-increasing demand in the local markets as it is built for long hours of comfort whilst playing video games or doing office work. This product combined with ergonomic design will make you feel relaxed at all hours of sitting, no matter if you are gaming, working or studying. It is made ​​from high quality materials that do not only give protection but also offer comfort to the user.

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Providing the maximum comfort for extended sessions of gaming/studying and jobs that require sitting for long hours, this ergonomically designed high-back reclining chair is your true companion. The adjustable lumbar support attached to the chair regulates the height of the lumbar support independent of the seat back and comes with padded lumbar support. The headrest can be adjusted to match the height of your neck rest position .The armrests can be tilted backward up to 180 degrees, up or down to suit your requirements. One can relax by tilting backward up to 145 degrees while watching a show or playing games.

4 Rose Designer big and tall gaming Chair from 7000 to 10000

  • For big and tall gamers
  • supports up to 110 KGS
  • Padded durable arms / Good Quality nylon wheels.

The Rose Designer Large Gaming Chair is as sturdy as it is comfortable, so you can work in your office or game in comfort for hours on end. And it’s fully adjustable, so feels great for any size user (up to 110 KGS).

Constructed out of high-density foam for comfort and durability, the Rose large gaming chair delivers your best sitting experience. Whether you work from home or just want a higher quality gaming chair for longer use, you can get it online from amazon. The Rose large gaming chair is made up of PU leather and supported by steel tubes. These are only some of the components that makes this chair way more superior over its competitors. The durability and toughness incomparable to other chairs make it one of a kind. Its superior quality will allow you to use it for many years to come.

The high-back office chair features a generously sized 1″ thick integrated lumbar support cushion that comes pre-installed and contoured padding around the seat and back area. Comes complete with heavy duty pneumatic height adjustable swivel seat. Fully upholstered in durable brown velour upholstery, makes this one of our best value executive gaming chairs that has been designed to maximise comfort for longer periods of time.

5 Featherlite Astro Mesh gaming Chair

We all work long hours in an office, but most of us don’t think about how we can improve our working conditions. Staying seated for long periods at a time forces most people to develop bad posture and back pain. I struggled with this for years myself and I know how unpleasant it is for you to deal with too. This is why I was so excited that the Featherlite Astro Mesh gaming chair. The Featherlite Astro Mesh Gaming Chair is the answer to long hours of gaming or work.

Featherlite Astro Mesh Gaming chair offers the most versatile ergonomic seating choice in the market today. It is innovative, stylish and most importantly, it’s office tested and approved! A lightweight frame with plastic components and nylon base offers an easy solution to make your gaming chair more comfortable than an ordinary desk chair. The height adjustability of the arms allows users of different body heights to find their optimal ergonomic posture.

The Featherlite Astro Mesh gaming chair comes with a three year warranty against manufacturing defects, along with full tilt tension controls, which allow the user to adjust how far they lean back in their chair.

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