Best Earphones Under RS 1000 in India

Looking for best earphones under 1000 with mic? or looking for a Wired or wireless in-ear headset under 1000 in India.

I have tested at-least 25 in-ear headset and headphones with mic, bluetooth and wired one’s.

Go through the below in-depth review to find the best wired/wireless earphones under 1000 best suited for you.

Music plays a very important role in our life. It is a fact that music can soothe our soul and music is responsible for lowering the stress level in one’s Life.

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As music is so important in our life then it is obvious that we need a perfect gear to listen to it and if you are a passionate listener then it is more  important for you to have that gear. 

Now some people may be in confusion that what we mean by gears here, gears here only means earphones. Most people ask which earphones should we buy or which are the best earphones to buy. No need to be worried, we will answer all your questions in this article.

BEST EARPHONES UNDER RS 1000 IN INDIA : wired and wireless

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13 Best Earphones Under RS 1000 (Wired and Wireless)

We will tell you, which earphones you should buy according to your requirements. Today we will be discussing the best earphones in India under Rs.1,000.

You can easily find all the earphones online,which will be discussed in this article.

1. JBL Endurance Run 2

Sports in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic

For Running and Workouts
JBL Endurance Run 2
  • Good Design and Comfort
  • Good Smartphone Integration
  • Sound quality is better than boat
  • Good for running
  • Noise cancellation is not good
  • Wire is slightly short

The JBL Endurance Run 2 headphones are an amplified, waterproof, in-ear model of the original JBL Endurance headphones, which are also available in this line. The Endurance Run 2 has many of the same features as its predecessor: it is still available in a range of colors, including black, blue, and red. This earphone is ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit and provides great sound quality. But there are some key differences that may make this model preferable to the original.

The two-way design is what primarily sets the newer model apart from its forerunner. The original Endurance model could only be worn with the cushion earbuds in place—this meant that you had to choose between having earbuds in your ears or behind your ears. The new design offers versatility in this regard: you can wear the earbuds both ways.

This offers great flexibility because you can choose whichever option best suits your individual needs and preferences at any given time. If you’re looking for a more secure fit while running outdoors or doing other high-intensity exercise, you can use the behind-the-ear option.

Tired of running with your iPhone or smartphone in hand? Sick of holding your phone over your head as you try to navigate through an unfamiliar city? JBL’s Endurance Run 2 headphones are a perfect solution to these problems and more.

When you’re running, the last thing you need is something heavy and bulky bouncing around in your pants pocket or bouncing off your chest. The Endurance Run 2’s magnetic buds make it easy to secure the earbuds when not in use. The magnets are strong enough that you can literally throw away the cable—just clip the two buds together and you’re done! It’s so simple, and it makes managing your cords a breeze. Plus, since there are no wires to get tangled up when you’re focused on running, it allows you to focus on what really matters: getting into shape!

The Endurance Run 2’s control panel is situated inline, making it easy to control music playback without having to stop mid-stride to dig around in your pocket for your phone. Simply press the one button on the control panel once to pause/play music, twice for the next track and three times for the previous track. A long press of three seconds will activate either Google Now or Siri depending on your mobile OS of choice.

2. SONY MDR-EX150AP with In-line Mic 

Great Earphones with powerful and high quality sound.

Sony is one of the best brands in making good quality earphones and speakers.

1) The 9mm neodymium driver produces a sound which is perfect for music.

2) The driver produces a powerful and balanced sound.

3) It has silicone earbuds which are quite soft and comfortable, they will not hurt your ears and would prevent the outer sounds from entering your ear.

4) You can easily fall asleep while earphones in your ear.They are the best for making calls.

5) It has a frequency range of 5HZ to 24KHZ which plays both trendy and classical music perfectly.The earphone has only one disadvantage that it does not has a tangle free cable.

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3. BOAT BASSHEADS 255 EARPHONES WITH noise cancellation

Good earphones under 1000 with noise cancellation and excellent Bass

1) The earphones have a super bass with a high quality microphone which is best for voice calling. They have a super quality sound.It has a 3.5mm jack which is coated with golden colour.

2) With the help of 3.5mm jack, it is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, laptops and music players.

3) This earphone also has a flat cable which makes the earphone tangle free.It is comfortable for those who would use them regularly and will keep them in pocket and bags. 

4) It has a HD microphone which transmits noise free sound with good quality.The button on the mic piece makes it easy  to control  the music  and makes it easy to answer and end calls easily without touching the phone.

5) The sound quality is very good because of the wide frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz.


Excellent build and sound quality for a wired earphone that comes under Rs 1000.

1 MORE brand has become popular in the past few years through online shopping sites or applications.

  1. The product has a very weird design but if you do not care about the design then it is a good product for you, it’s bud type earpieces are very comfortable.

2) This also has another disadvantage is that this wire is not flat which does not make it tangle free which is a big problem to deal with but if you can deal with it, then you can go for it as it is a good product otherwise.

3) In-line microphone is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

4) The titanium dual dynamic driver produces excellent highs, mids  and powerful bass.

5. PHILIPS SHE3205BK/00 : Best fit under 1000

Comfortable and great sound isolation.

1) As we all know philips is a well known and a nice brand which gives us nice products.Similarly in case of this product also, it does the same.

2) The earphone provides a clear and soft sound.Bass is also very clear and deep.Design of the earphone is very sleek and smooth.

3) The earpiece does not have the bud type earpiece, so there is no noise cancellation feature and also some sound leaks out when listening music at high volume 

4) The earphone has a good and bold build quality with that neodymium driver that produces high clarity sound with that deep bass.

5) The microphone and button are also very nice and satisfactory.

6. JBL C200SI earphones: Best bass under 1000

Excellent in-ear wired headphones with True Powerful Bass and Noise Cancelling Microphone. Google Assistant and Siri compatible.

1) It has a clear, soft and heart touching sound with bass that can blow your mind. There are three bud tips that allow you to choose the one that fits your ear Perfectly.

2) The earphones are very lightweight which will not make your ear feel the pain of heavy load on them.

3) You can manage to answer and end calls with one touch on the universal remote present on it only.

4) They have a very good look and pretty finishes that look very nice when you put the earpieces into your ears.

5) They offer a wide frequency range of 20HZ to 20KHZ which provides more better sound. It has a 3.5mm jack which is considered as one of the best connectors being used in the market currently.

7. BEYERDYNAMIC-BEAT BYRD: Best for Audiophiles

Well balanced sound and bass. Recommended in-ear headphones for a low budget.

This has a great and even balancing in the ears.The earbud type earpieces fit perfectly in your ear and do not pop out of your ear even when you are sleeping.

The eartips can be cleaned and replaced easily.

The cable of the product is very comfortable and avoids tangles when kept in the pocket or a bag.

This cable also reduces the sound that is sometimes produced when the cable is touched or rubbed with something.

You receive some extra ear buds with the product so that you can 

choose the one that fits your ear perfectly.

8. REALME BUDS 2: Best Overall

Powerful 11.2mm bass boost drive with multilayer diaphragm. Overall, a premium must have earphone under 1000 rupees in India.

1) The REALME EARBUDS have a very nice sound with a very much clear bass.It has a 11mm audio driver. The earphones can easily and comfortably be tied and carried with the help of the magnets present at the end of the ear buds.

2) The cable is made with the durable and long lasting synthetic fiber which makes it tangle free also.

3) The ear buds are adjusted at an angle of 45 degree which makes the fitting of the buds quite comfortable in your ear and you can easily use them for long hours without any stress or pain in the ears.

4) The microphone panel has three buttons with which you can control music, handle your phone calls and also you can use the Google assistant.

9. MI DUAL EARPHONES: Best Bass and Vocals

Great Earphones with powerful and high quality sound.

MI DUAL EARPHONES- Best Bass and Vocals

1) The earphone comes with a standard design and a Y-shaped cable.The 1.25m long cable ends up in a L-shaped connector .

2) The braided cable prevents the kinking and Tangling. 

3) You can hear the sound when the cable is rubbed with something but it is not noticed when you are listening to music but it can be annoying when nothing  is being heard.

4) The microphone placement is quite good and it also has a controller button.The volume buttons only work on android devices.

5) The end of the earpieces also have the magnetic connectors which makes it easy to handle it and the fitting of the earbuds is quite perfect.

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10. PHILIPS UPBEAT SHE2405: Best cheap Earphones

8.6mm speaker drivers for rich and clear sound

PHILIPS UPBEAT SHE2405- Best cheap Earphones

1) They have a bold beat that can make you feel like a rockstar. The colours are very attractive.

2) The ear buds are very perfect in fitting also you have additional buds as extra options.

3) The remote button is quite decent and you can control the activities of your phone without touching it.

4) The built in mic has an echo-cancellation option for more clear audio inputs.

11 WeCool Moonwalk M1: Best wireless earbuds under 1000

True Wireless Earbuds with charging case and mic for attending calls.

WeCool Moonwalk M1- Best wireless earbuds under 1000

1) It has a dual driver that can give you crisp sound with a lot of clarity.

2) The built in mic is very good and is very clear to speak in while calling.

3) It is equipped with Bluetooth V 5.0 which gives Stable Connection up to 10 Meters range.

4) The battery backup standby time is 120 Hours and other features include: Automatic Pairing, Noise Isolation, and microphone for calling.

12  DUDAO Bass Heads On-Ear Headphone with Outstanding Extra Bass

  • COMPACT & PORTABLE -Simple to bring, easily stored Headphones throughout the day are Music designed and implemented. Flexible For Easy Wear Style. Ergonomic axis to accommodate various types of head. 
  • Mega EXTRA BASS-Exceptional level of sound with bass enhancement. Dynamic Sound with Punchy Bass and Clear Sound is provided by 40 mm Neodymium Drivers. 
  • Developed-IN MIC-The 3.5 mm Audio Jack Tangle-Resistant Cable equipped with a new-in Mic and Call and Replay Control.
  • Configuration -Works with certain OS, all 3.5 mm Smartphones , Laptops, desktop computers, Tablets , Smart television sets and 3.5 mm Sound Jack Compliant with all computers.

DUDAO bluetooth headphones arrive with a mix of elegance and efficiency. Need to get ready to experience your favourite bands with BassHeads X21 with incredibly Extra Bass and crystal-clear sound system. With the sensitive 40 mm Neodymium drivers, the drivers efficiently procreate sound throughout the entire stereo group in a strong, dynamic sound with punchy bass and simple , natural vocal harmonies.

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13 Leaf Bass Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 

  • LEAF BASS Wireless bluetooth earbuds, strong 40 mm HD sound operators and our Intense Bass technology allow you to experience your favorite music more clearly. A speaker resistance of 109(+/- 2)dB at 32 Ohm & response range minimises any quality and performance distortions. Although the aid of the Hi-Fi mic is connected, you could also receive phone calls and speak, which might be how much you are assured an excellent listening quality. 
  • Ten Hours Of battery life: LIFE- Bluetooth Leaf Bass Headphones offers 10 hours on a single charge for unimpeded wireless audio. 
  • Extremely Pleasant: super – comfortable cushion ear cups and headband cushion throughout extended wear for ultimate comfort. It is also good for running and gym workouts since it is sweat and water resistant.
  • WIRED & WIRELESS: You can link the Leaf Bass through wireless headphones or perhaps an AUX cord. In addition to the new wireless technologies, it would have the evergreen aux port that works even though no power is remaining in the headphones.
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