Best Earphones Under 500 (Wireless + Wired) headphones

Looking for best earphone under the budget of Rs 500? You can get a wire earphone with mic and passive noise cancelling under the cheap price of 500.

We have compiled the list of 8 best in-ear earphones for every need. The earphones reviewed are unbiased and gives you the clear verdict which one to buy according to your needs.

Now go through the guide and select the form the best earphones under 500:

Winding down or not unwinding the cable seems to be the issue. And perhaps merely because, in addition to being a “roll,” we have to juggle each time we wear the earphones, the biggest issue is that too many spinning cables wind up losing our headphones’ effective life. 


8 Best Earphones Under 500

Wireless earphones are one option. Analysts spent a couple of hours on different devices returning backwards and forwards eventually suggesting the Anker Soundcore Life P2 Wireless earphones as our ideal one.

1 JBL C50HI by Harman

Best earphones under 500

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1) Sound Fidelity: through Highly Designed 40 mm Drivers and Passive Noise Cancelling and furthermore frothed Ear cups, experience premium quality unconstrained tracks.

2) A lyrical note of simple treble, midrange, and good base does not need to be missed. It could be used for receiving a phone call. 

3) Music streaming Possibilities: AUX IN Audio (approximately to 30 feet). 

4) Major Characteristics & LOOKS: visually designed with double-tone colours and ergonomic headband, BL C50HIhas premium accommodation for maximum convenience with convenient outer layer and recessed style.

 2 boAt Bassheads 152

Best Wired earphone under 500 rupees in India.

Lightweight design and Super Extra Bass. Excellent Drivers built quality and Compatible with Android/iOS.


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1) Connect into boAt Bassheads 152 and indulge yourself along with its small yet exceptional Drivers in the Mega additional premium Bass 

2) The ultra – light, foldable and adjustable ear cushions switch in style. 

3) Available in black, orange, purple, green and many other colours

4) Instantly link to some of it music tracks with AUX adaptability 

5) You could use its easy-to – access multi – functional control systems and built-in microphone to monitor playback, calls and google assistant. 

6) The soft ear pads have a convenient hearing duration to let you carry your look throughout the day. 

7) Conclude: Active Noise Cancellation is supported but not that good, more like a gimmick.

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3 PTron Boom Ultima V2 Dual Driver

Best earphones under 500 for pubg

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1) Activated with Enhanced Flexible 36 millimetres engine, the PTron Boom Ultima can ensure that you listen for their genuine audio to the above and below notes in your album.

2) Not only that, through a click of the button, trigger that Twin Equalizer and reward yourselves to the ‘live at the gig’ feeling no longer wherever you are.

3) The portable, versatile design enables the Infinity PTron Boom Ultima enough that someone can virtually fit into your pants pocket!

4) Through Hands-free calling, Internet Now / voice assistant control, get about your day quickly by merely pressing the power button twice on either the ear cushions.

5) Game time: Strong punch pack helps you to experience a gaming time-from your daily training regimen to early afternoon meditation. It is the best gaming earphone for mobile or PC gaming if your budget is lower than 500.

4 Boult Audio BassBuds X1

Best bass earphones under 500

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Additional Bass-The audio pattern of Boult has also been loaded with additional snappy and intense bass accentuating the warm middle and completely transparent sparkly tops 

1) Comfort-Unprecedented Style and Functionality. Our wireless earphones guarantee all-day ability to listen in convenience with adjustable height and super – comfortable earcups. Love your music as you get further

2) Passive noise cancellation-focuses primarily on having to cancel low frequencies noises such as motors, aircraft atmosphere, automobiles, street noise etc. 

3) Voice recognition- Send Siri and Google speech recognition guidance with a quick 2-second press on the Boult earphone button.

4) The 10mm Extra Bass Driver produce HD quality sound without any sound stuttering.

5) PX5 water resistant- internal nano-coating foam ear plugs and charging feature enables waterproofing for 30 minutes for 1 m underwater. Suitable for getting wet out at the fitness center.

 6) Clean the ear plugs, including the foundation, Those double mode-Boult Audio devices are intended for versatility and emerge with a quality Aux-cable to ensure a continuous play even though the power goes out

5 boAt Bassheads 100

Best earphones under 500 with mic

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1) In its latest generation, boAt Bassheads 100 flagship top selling model is now, and it displays.

2) The boAt Bassheads 100 offers in-line mic, an ergonomically designed, and even some of the finest sound quality users’ll find, thanks to Intense upscaling engine. 

3) They remove the universe smoother than almost all rivals and can even tell while you’re talking and pausing your music — a handy trick that ensures you ‘re probably going to hit the pause button.

4) The one thing we hated about the previous model has also been answered by Sony: call efficiency.

5) Combined with improved processing, modern microphones make them excellent for Zoom conferences and telephone conversations respectively.

Great for Calling 

6 realme Buds Classic

Best for long hours. The most comfortable earphone

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1) realme Buds Classic new flagship earphone, standard computer signal processing ( DSP) and a specialized microphone array permit them to restrict ambient noise and concentrate on your voice alone, making it an excellent headphones you can buy whenever it comes to consider performance.

2) In addition, the special mics and DSP combine with realme Buds Classic powerful software, making it appear like you’re in a silent space even if you’re out and around.

3) All this including huge benefit of outstanding sound quality means that realme Buds Classic is among the best headphones straight now for a business owner.

The in-line HD microphone for crystal clear calling experience is a great feature.

7 pTron Pride Lite

Best Build quality under 500

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So do not be fooled by the drab style.

1) These pTron Pride Lite sound killer and have Stylish, metallic look and feature a mic with hands-free phone calls.

2) They also generate heavy but not overpowering bass and also have an application that enables you to tweak with EQ adjustments.

3) These earphone support passive noice cancellation and provide outstanding sound performance.

4) The nicer pTron Pride Lite could be right up your street if you really want noise-cancelling tech.

8 Philips SHE1505

Top-selling in-ear earphone under 500

Premium wired earphone under 500 with Super powerful bass.

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1) The Philips SHE1505 are among the nicest earphones you could really consider if you choose to get your earphones sitting in your ears, not over and around them.

2) They are covered with incredibly soft lambskin and made of high-quality 10-mm beryllium carriers around a metal structure.

3) They are good enough to justify another strong look if you really are looking for a quality audio service, and a one-year guarantee.

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Why earphones

For the comfort of not needing to be connected to a wire, primarily. Being able to go further there without some kind of connection or holds seems to be more convenient. 

We ‘d also stop the irritating scenario of disentangling the headphones before each use, because we agree that it’s unavoidable that they really don’t intertwine. 

Innovation these days encourages us to provide extremely decent sound quality headphones, without any need for them to be linked via a wire, as might have arisen earlier, because it was not so established, the headphone output was somewhat compromised.

There have been wireless earphones for all preferences and finances, those of the smallest size that enable us all to go across one location to the other without quite noticing that they’re for us seem to be the most popular and marketed, technically for their cost. 

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Although we really do need to realise that there have been unique headphones in the entertainment industry for practitioners, like the one used by creators, singers or DJs. There’s many headphones for video game players and professional musicians when it applies to supporters; even for passengers and athletics. 

Maybe we’re going to concentrate more than that in the report on the rest of the people who just want to do without wires, appreciate a healthy musical service and our wallet doesn’t suffer much anyway. The ambiguity is saved to connoisseurs of the music.

Wireless earphones: A Quality Pair Features 

  • Battery Long Life. Yes, wireless headphones are easy, but they often demand that you track how much battery life you have left while using them.  
  • Simple Managing Volume. Wireless headsets provide you with the freedom to get away from the central supply of energy. 
  • Significant Range. 
  • Weight: Light.

 In order to think 

  • Technology: there are certain problems concerning the audio quality and then all the innovative technologies on the phone. We’ll explain it all simply and straightforwardly to you: 
  • Sensitivity: means the production power of the sound, expressed in decibels ( dB). To avoid harming the ear, it is strongly suggested to never significantly increase 100dB. 
  • Impedance: measured in ohms (ohm) it clearly shows the electrical charge flow and influences the noise levels generated by the headphones. The less Ohms, the higher the amount. Preferably, for portable screens, it might be in the 16 – 32 ohm range; and even in the biggest earphones, about 25 to 70 ohm.

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Outer insulation: The performance of the sound will entirely depend mostly on price of the earphones, the far more expensive brands could even certainly give us a stronger rhythm and midbass consistency; however a lot would also impact on their capacity to reduce background noise, a earbud which could be heard well enough is good enough to justify nothing at all but that could also be heard external sources. 

Some designs may also focus on the technologies they implement, offering a device that neutralises background noise. 

Autonomy of the power supply: it depends according to how much time we devote to it being used, whether they constantly join us during the day, or only on visits like travelling to or from the job.If the use we ‘re planning to offer it is intense, we are about to just get long-lasting earphones, which will probably affect the power consumption and hence the earphone weight. 

Size: a few of the features I like about this style of headsets is that they have been easy to assemble and go virtually unnoticed while in use, just becoming a bit lighter than many others. Note the fastening mechanism and battery size will have a great deal to be doing with weight.

Two major variations here: 

  • Over-ears would be those who used it to shield the ear, which are generally the traditional wireless earphones that are used in the home. Communicating with a base that has been connected to the power circuit which is also responsible for transmitting the signals so that we all can hear seems to be very normal for them. Without a question they are also the best combination of insulation and audio quality. 
  • (On-ear) are the lightweight circumaural type, offering to give up a little bit of insulation and sound quality. They don’t really cover the ear but as a whole have been put through it.It is however valid that there are many more complicated versions that have already integrated the mp3 player on its own. 
  • The in-ear ones are the people that offer far more battle to keep because they go within the inner ear, obviously it depends on the size of our ear, how stable they really are and are n’t. They all are much thinner and lighter, something generally appreciated by our ears. They are far more compact because of their size, yet we have to be really cautious with jerky movements, because they may hit the ground and destroy in some of the worst scenarios.

Ergonomics: Ease in use must necessarily go hand in hand with size and assistance. If we devote all or most of the day to the headphones in the ear, then aerodynamics is important, because we can stop experiencing uneasiness. It will have to keep well though and adjust really well to the structure of our ears at the very same moment. 

Reach: Most of the managing effectiveness of the headset would be restricted by the length of the headset as regards the unit. They typically use bluetooth connectivity, and yet we all understand exactly how their communication would be smarter or even worse depending on the version to which earphones are attached. The Bluetooth device does not seem to be, preferably, less than edition 4.0.0.

Build: even though we already have whatever we want technically in a headset but they still keep well, we’ll just have to pick one which is appealing in design terms. It’s although that’s not a small thing, so it’s pointless to have an extremely nice headset, so that we’ll have to reorient it out all the period because that’s falling out, or whether it helps us to listen more of what the next one says, than our own track that was already being played.

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